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Balancing child-rearing and work


How to balance the child-rearing generation to lead a comfortable life


Counseling on balancing child-rearing and work | Mentoring

Work-Family Balance Mentor | RIE EBARA

メンタリング |さつきデザイン事務所

Balancing child-rearing and work, understood by experienced people

Difficulty, stress and hardship.

We will support you, think and support you in any consultation. Also, understand your situation as much as possible and talk from the same perspective.

Natural communication that "discusses anything".
What I want to value is mutual trust. We will strive to build a relationship that is comfortable with each other. Through dialogue, I would like to hear about various problems in your career and life, and support you to live your own way.

See note for how to balance my child-rearing and work.

Mentoring flow


You can consult with us regardless of whether you are a dad or a mom.

Also for business owners

You can consult


Current situation and worries

Please talk The consultation time will be 40 minutes


Listen to the story

Let me support

I will have

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Satsuki Design Office | Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture

TEL: 050-5242-7432

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