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do what you like

as is
​Live as yourself

Personal branding is about branding yourself so that you can choose what you want to ask, "If it's XX, you!". It's not just cognition, it's done to create fans, sympathizing with "I really like you, not other people".


In other words, do it to put into practice what you want to do. Knowing yourself will make it clear what you want to do. After that, we will match the market and needs with what we want to do and our strengths.


Personal branding is about living “as I am” as you are, without playing someone.





I think I've been freed from the curse of living the lives of others. I was also taught "what I can do every day by making use of today's learning", so I would like to continue to face myself while changing my daily behavior without making this learning a primary one.


It was a valuable and fulfilling time for me to get to know a new side of myself that I haven't noticed on my own.


I thought that reminding myself that my strength is communication skills would be a great plus for my future activities.


I was able to reaffirm my strengths and understand how much self-affirmation can be achieved. "Creating your own place-> providing it to those who seek a place" I am delighted that what I was trying to do was not a mistake.

Image by Molly Mears

I was in the middle of my worries, so the timing was good.

I don't have much time to think about myself every day, so I wanted to make a little “my time” with this as an opportunity. Thank you very much!



Brand Manager

Personal Brand Consultant

Image Planner & Creative Director

Established Satsuki Design Office in 2017. After graduating from university, engaged in system production and web production work. After becoming a web director, worked as a creative director at a textile trading company. After that, he was enrolled in the Corporate Strategy Division and promoted branding projects. He is engaged in strategic design such as corporate branding, business, product branding, logo production, website production, VI planning, promotion such as exhibitions.

For the fourth year of independence, he is working on branding for SMEs and individuals.




京都芸術大学大学院 学際デザイン研究領域卒業。MFA=美術学修士を取得。4月より京都芸術大学大学院研究員として引き続き遊びごころを用いた自己表現の研究を行う。また、「アート×福祉」をテーマに、「多様な人々が共生できる社会」を支える人材を育成するプロジェクト、東京藝術大学Diversity on the Arts Project を現在履修中




4月より京都芸術大学大学院 学際デザイン研究領域にてデザイン思考を用いた学際的研究を行い、MFA=美術学修士を目指す。同時期に乳がんを患い治療が始まる。治療のため、病院にいることが多くなり、医療×アートに興味を持ち始め、筑波大学のエクステンションプログラムを履修。医療とデザインに関する実践・研究者による講義、デザイン思考やアイディエーションの手法を学ぶ
















大学在籍中に、Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes(北アフリカ/チュニジア)に留学し、アラビア語、チュニジア方言、フランス語、ベリーダンスを学ぶ


Hello, this is Rie Ebara brand manager.

I learned the piano from the age of 3 and was aiming for music college. However, one day, a teacher who had been teaching me for a long time realized that I had terminal cancer and was told to learn from another teacher for treatment. It will heal soon! I wanted to believe that, so I didn't learn from other teachers and gave up aiming for Kunitachi College of Music. That's why I entered the university without any goals at the university where I studied "Arabic" for four years (laughs).

I thought I had to find something I wanted to do, but I couldn't think of anything in particular, and I was lethargic and lived in college. However, when I was in the third year of university, I took the plunge and studied abroad in Tunisia. I wanted to change the chaotic situation.

Life in Tunisia, where I spent a year, is at the core of me now. I learned with people from many countries, was influenced by various cultures, religions, and designs, and was inspired by many things. After that, I returned to Japan, graduated from university, and somehow the web became popular, so I joined a production company and made shopping sites and websites with Indians. The system is interesting, the web is the design ...! I got deeper and deeper, and when I realized it, I've been working in the creative industry for 20 years .

For the past 10 years or so, I've been completely absorbed in the fun of branding, learning and practicing it, and gaining experience in numerous projects. Since I became independent, I have been able to manage projects and be involved in creative activities in a wide variety of industries, and I am having fun and happy days every day.

But now, I think that there are many people who are having a hard time due to the influence of Corona. Also, there are many people who have time to look back at themselves. No matter what the circumstances, everyone has no
choice but to move forward. When we stop, time doesn't come back, we don't stop, we're moving forward.

Therefore, I will use my experience and branding methods to organize your thoughts and support your business with the power of creativity.

If you find it difficult or anxious to live, let's know yourself and live "like me". And those who want to become independent, side business, or start a business should know their strengths, organize themselves, and proceed to the goal. I support you so that you can live your own way and live a happy life.

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