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- Communication design for sharing playfulness (joint research)

Despite Japan's economic prosperity, the level of happiness among Japanese people is not as high as in other countries. On the other hand, it has been studied that playfulness affects the psychological and physical state of human beings. Therefore, we hypothesized that having a playfulness leads to happiness, and investigated the relationship between playfulness and happiness.

From the results of the web questionnaire survey, we found that "the attitude of trying to enjoy things", which is one of the scales for playfulness (Miyato, 2014), and "thank you for showing connection and gratitude", which is one of the happiness scales (Maeno, 2013). A positive correlation was found between the factors' (Fig. 1). Also, from the interview survey, although everyone has a sense of playfulness, the higher the scores on both scales, the more likely they are to exhibit a sense of playfulness for others. Furthermore, many people thought that it would be difficult to demonstrate playfulness in the first meeting. Based on the above, we thought that sharing playfulness with others would lead to good human relationships and increase people's happiness, so we decided to develop souvenirs as a communication method to share playfulness in the first meeting. bottom.


- Practical consideration of playful self-expression (individual study)※wrap up

 People express themselves in various ways every day. We express what we feel and think in words and art, and repeat the act of expression so that we can gain understanding and empathy from others. Playfulness is actively displayed from early childhood to adolescence, and children enjoy doing things they intuitively want to do, such as making games, music, and stories. However, when they reach adulthood, the number of people they are comfortable with and close to them decreases, and they have fewer opportunities to enjoy sensory play and the process of playing itself.


As a result, face-to-face communication has decreased, opportunities for chatting and casual consultation have decreased, and the number of people who feel anxious about loneliness and isolation has increased. In the midst of this estranged relationship with people, the playfulness of adults to connect relationships with others is rarely considered as a research subject.

In this study, we consider the possibility that playful self-expression leads to finding close people and leads to good human relationships. To that end, I first defined playfulness as the attitude of oneself facing situations and things with excitement, and trying to enjoy the emotional and sensible contact with others. As for practice, set the scene as the first meeting, create a business card like a word book, try to express assertiveness, whether this idea is effective, and the change in human relations created by this act from the practitioner's point of view. discussed in


As for the verification method, we observed the actions and emotions of the practitioner and 12 people who received the word book business card, then analyzed the feedback from the 8 people, and sorted out the possibility of leading to a good human relationship. As a result, it was found that the act of making playful self-expression subjective is unconsciously choosing the objects to be involved based on one's interests.

From these facts, by performing playful self-expression, the sense of grasping the object is sharpened, one's own playfulness is nurtured, and by cultivating the ability to sense the hearts and sensibilities of others, it is possible to develop closeness. It was suggested that it would be an opportunity to find people and lead to good human relationships.

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It's been three and a half years since I started freelance. My life has changed a lot.

When I was a salaryman, I left home at 7 o'clock every morning, sent my child to a nursery school, arrived at the office at 8:30, worked desperately, left the office at 18 o'clock, and picked up my child by 19:00. Then take the work home and work in the middle of the night. I'm working so hard, but I'm not satisfied. I don't feel like I got something.

With great anxiety, I changed my mind and left the company to become independent. If you don't change yourself, nothing will start. Every day after becoming freelance, I wake up with my child, eat breakfast, see off, and by the time I get home from school, I finish my work and wait at home. I ate dinner together, and now I am able to raise my children and work with my own satisfaction. Very satisfied.

Living like me is so much fun now! I am spending my days feeling that. It's very personal to me that I can choose what I want to do, such as branding projects, creative projects, and project management in various industries that I've always wanted to do.

Branding is something that cannot be achieved instantaneously, so it takes six months to a year to get results. However, when I see the people involved changing their lives and living in their own way, I feel glad that I was doing this job.

We will tell you about the possibilities and charms of such branding and many methods.

For a limited time, we will give you the secret of branding!

If you don't mind, please apply.

Furthermore, from April 2023, I am also taking the Diversity on the Arts Project (nickname: DOOR Project) at Tokyo University of the Arts. This is a project to develop human resources who support "society where diverse people can live together" under the theme of "art x welfare".

When I entered graduate school, I had breast cancer and was undergoing treatment until January 2023. From that experience, I started researching art (design) for healthcare as a cancer patient.We will think about "a society where diverse people can live together" from the unique perspective of the person concerned.

I would love to hear about your research!

If you would like to work together, please feel free to contact us. I'm looking for a mate too.

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