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Happy people all over the world.


The goal of Satsuki Design Office is to create a cycle of happiness. To continuously make as many people as possible happy through branding and creativity,We will also carry out activities to preserve culture, tradition, resources, businesses, and other things that cannot be easily created, so that people living in the future can love harmony and live in peace. In addition, we will focus on projects created to help children living in the future live happily.


Satsuki Design Office's mission is to increase the number of customers' companies, businesses, products, and customers' fans. Then, in order to convey things that cannot be seen clearly, we must capture the essence of the problems and problems that exist, and in order to solve the problems, we will take the invisible things into our hands and make them visible. It is also our mission to create designs that are easy to understand, and to communicate what we want to convey to the people we want to convey to them, in an easy-to-understand manner, with emotion and sympathy.



Satsuki Design Office exists to define the “axis” of people, companies, and businesses. In order for all people to live “in their own way”, we will be your good understanding and reach your goal.I will accompany you.



At Satsuki Design Office, there is always something we keep in mind. Keep it simple. Don't be complicated. It needs to be simple in order to see and show what is important. Once I receive it, I will carry it out with passion to the end, balance instinctual intuition and logical thinking, and take a consistent, planned, and continuous approach. I am creating.

to make people happy
​ design.


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