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At Satsuki Design Office, we believe that the most important factor for successful branding is the relationship between people. So it's not just the pricing that makes me happy. We will propose the amount according to the customer's budget.


I will go through the things that I once received with passion until the end, so let's meet to see if we can create together and see if it feels right!



* Since the price page is frequently accessed, we will list the average price.




Branding costs

For individuals , a 2-hour session is held once a month for 55,000 to 2 weeks.


Basic contents

✦ Creating Mission Vision Value

✦ Discovering strengths

✦ Clarification of ideal customers

✦ Value creation

✦ Establishing personality


For companies, we hold a 2-hour session once a month for 220,000 to 2 weeks.


Basic contents

✦ Hearing x 2 times (1st month)

✦ Task extraction x 2 times (2nd month)

✦ Identifying the essence x 2 times (3rd month)

✦ Concept creation x 2 times (4th month)


Direction management costs

It depends on the project content.
* Mainly spot requests from advertising agencies and production companies.


Production cost


Direction fee 300,000 ~

Web 300,000 ~ (about 1.5 million on average)

Paper products 100,000 ~ (about 500,000 on average)

Logo 300,000 ~

* Production costs will vary considerably depending on your budget.


At Satsuki Design Office, we produce based on our branding strategy . Please note that it is not possible to create products that have not been branded. And we are working in teams with our partners. First of all, we will ask you about the production budget and we will gather members that match your world view, so please let us know your production budget first. Many customers say that they cannot set a budget. In that case, please request from the part that builds a branding strategy. I would like to set a branding strategy together, set a PR budget, and produce.





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