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​Be kind to yourself

Branding just for you

The brand building method of Satsuki Design Office will be designed according to each person. We don't make it mechanically by applying it to a fixed template .


We will derive what to do by combining logical thinking, intuition, and the experience and enthusiasm of our customers for their business .


People, companies, brands, businesses and spaces. You cannot live just by creating it in this world. You can't grow up just by spending money to make something (web, pamphlet, etc.) . Moreover, it never grows up on its own .


If you do nothing, it will disappear and be forgotten.


Building branding is very similar to raising a child . Creation was human, with responsibility and enthusiasm, the passion, commitment to brand building, stretched capture the unique and characteristic of the brand, according to the growth how do we nurture, always, identify, affectionate carefully what to do Must be executed.


In other words, people, companies, brands , businesses and spaces are very affectionate and will not grow unless they are nurtured and nurtured .


Branding construction begins with a hearing where I meet with customers and ask them about the current situation . I think you will hear the story many times . In that talk, we will grasp what is really necessary and what are the real issues , and propose improvement plans in an appropriate way.


We will utilize our experience and foresight to enhance our brand power and lead to results, so please feel free to contact us.



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