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I am currently engaged in the practical implementation of playful self-expression to build better human relationships.

Play demands a space, an empty field to flourish.

To engage in play means to lose oneself in the activity.

The act of playing involves taking detours, doing something unexpected, or engaging in seemingly meaningless actions. Play, by definition, is an activity undertaken for its own sake, driven by personal initiative.

However, many of the activities we adults engage in daily come with specific purposes, driven by someone else’s schedule, laden with deadlines and quotas, and require concrete results. They demand efficiency and are often performed out of a sense of obligation.

In other words, play is scarce for adults.

I strongly feel that we adults need play in our lives. I want to revisit the kind of play we engaged in as children without a second thought. Therefore, I am experimenting with ways to reincorporate playfulness into adulthood – regenerating the playful spirit.

In my art, I use alcohol ink, which is difficult to control. This results in a form of play where the outcome is uncertain. Through this playful act, I allow my emotions and senses to bloom into rich self-expression, and by doing so, I gradually release accumulated negative feelings.

Through this art activity, I believe that each individual can nurture a positive mindset, creating a mental space where playfulness can thrive again.

The choice and combination of colors in ink art reflect individual sensibilities, and this act of feeling joy or happiness is fundamental to the vitality of life. By selecting and expressing colors, one hones the ability to perceive oneself, fostering inner playfulness. Additionally, sharing art with others cultivates the ability to sense and understand the emotions and sensibilities of others. This, in turn, fosters empathy and altruism, potentially contributing to the development of better human relationships and overall well-being.

My practical work and research theme, "Playful Self-Expression," often result in a sensation of getting slightly closer to others. Through art, we engage with each other altruistically and enjoy the shared space.

Human relationships are built progressively. Therefore, acquiring the skills to value connections with others early on is crucial for mitigating future isolation and loneliness. I create opportunities and spaces to put these practices into action.



As a child, I loved drawing, but as I grew older and entered the design profession, I lost the opportunity to draw freely as I once did.

While continuing my extensive career in design, I sought to answer the question, "What is design?" This quest led me to pursue graduate studies at Kyoto University of the Arts, where I obtained a Master of Fine Arts (MFA). To further delve into the role of art in society, I attended the DOOR program at Tokyo University of the Arts, which I will complete in March 2024.

In 2021, having been diagnosed with breast cancer and feeling the proximity of death, I turned to drawing as a means of self-healing. Through this process, I am currently engaged in artistic activities infused with playfulness and love.

From June 12 to 25, 2024, I will be participating in the "Osaka Art & Design 2024" exhibition. The event will be held on the 7th floor, in front of the South Escalator, at the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store in Umeda.

2024 Exhibition Theme

Be curious and see the difference

When we say “we,” where do people draw the boundary lines? For example, when we wish for peace for “us,” who does the “us” include? Is it the people living on Earth? Does it include animals? What about plants, bacteria, and viruses?

I believe everyone has their own unique boundary lines. While drawing these lines is within one's freedom, I aim to use art to cultivate the curiosity that can leap over these often arbitrary boundaries.

My goal is to transform relationships where “we” could not be said into ones where it can be.

As STK, the world I create through my art offers opportunities for reencounters brimming with curiosity and the space to accept these newfound connections. I believe in a future built on hope and mutual understanding, and it is this hope that drives my artistic activities.

We are life



We are One 



We are love



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