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Mucha Goddess



This salon is a membership-based communication salon where brand managers talk about things they think about in their daily work, branding, and creation. Please keep the content of the salon confidential.


Admission conditions

・ This online salon requires advance enrollment.
・ It takes about 7 days from the date of application to join the private group.
・ Payment can only be made by credit card. You will be billed automatically until you cancel.





Every day, I post my feelings and thoughts to a private Facebook group. Salon members can ask and discuss about branding and creativity in it. All talks in the salon will be private. (Please keep confidential)


Sometimes it's not one-sided, and I think it's fun to have a discussion with everyone. And if we can build a relationship with each other, I hope we can make things together with the salon members.


I hope everyone can solve everyone's problems, including problems during practice, such as branding study sessions and how to handle projects. If there are salon members with various skills all over the country, I and everyone will surely be reassured, so please join us from home and abroad! We'll be expecting you.

Image by bantersnaps
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