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Who Are We

Rich life for each person

  • I want to enjoy fashion even if I lose my hair due to anticancer drugs

  • I want to live a fulfilling life even if my appearance changes due to harsh treatment.

  • Heal your heart, gain courage, and fight cancer with the power of art.

What can I do now?

The moment I saw myself with my hair suddenly falling out and becoming mottled, I was shocked in a way that I cannot express in words.


The hair removal scene seen in the drama is different from the reality. After shampooing, when I opened my eyes, a large amount of fallen hair was sticking to my legs. The hair that fell out was flowing along with the flow of water and heading towards the drainage ditch.


Inow,I wonder what's going on.

The feeling of wanting to quickly look in the mirror to check my appearance and the feeling of being too scared to see it go back and forth.

I went through a lot of hardships during my cancer treatment, but I vividly remember the day I lost my hair. Of course, I knew from my doctor that my hair would fall out. Besides, I cut my long hair short and was ready to go.The beautician repeatedly told me, "It's okay. It will grow again," like a mantra.


I picked up a lot of hair that fell out in the bathroom and threw it in the garbage bag.I picked my own hair tangled in the drain and shivered with fear.

It's been a year and a half since I lost my hair and became a skinhead. Regarding hair, there are individual differences, some people do not grow back easily, while others grow quickly. Some people experience changes in hair texture, more gray hair, or even thinning hair. In other words, it often does not return to its original state, and in any case, the hair that has fallen out does not grow long until a certain amount of time has passed.

Based on this experience, IWhat can I do to be able to enjoy everyday life with or without hair, to be able to interact with people without worrying about my hair, and not to give up on enjoying fashion? I'm looking for it.


42 years old spring.My life has changed a lot since I got breast cancer. Even if you want to live as before, there are many things you can't do. But we have to accept the change and move forward. I am reviewing my past work and making use of the learning and experiences I have cultivated so far to create an artistic environment in which people can enjoy fashion even when they are sick.

Fashion that charms rather than hides.

I am a single mother and freelancer.

In other words, I have no family to support me. I don't have a lot of savings... So even if you are sick, you have to keep working. But if people around me find out that I have cancer, they may cut my contract. I don't think everyone will reach out to me like they used to.

And how severe are the side effects of anticancer drugs? Can hair loss be hidden with a wig?

I tried to hide my illness from people around me as much as possible,I bought a wig that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and continued to pretend to be fine. It was a tough life, both physically and mentally. Wigs worn on hot days get stuffy. The wig I wear on a windy day makes me nervous because it might fly away. Wearing a wig on a day when I'm sick due to anticancer drugs gives me a headache. However, if you don't wear it, you will be found out that you are sick. A wig that is forced to wear. The skin becomes weak, and the metal fittings of the wig hit the scalp and hurt.


All to hide my illness. Far from being fashionable, I felt helplessly pitiful for myself who put up with falsehoods.


Currently, the number of cancer patients exceeds 1,000,000 and the number of deaths is 380,000 or more, which is the top cause of death. Among them, many patients who need anticancer drug treatment have hair problems. Also, you may think that cancer can be cured, but there is a certain probability that it will recur. If it recurs, anti-cancer drugs will start again... Then again, I'm plagued by hair problems.

I majored in Arabic at university and lived in Tunisia for a year when I was a university student. I also went to Syria and Jordan when I was a student. Many Arab women wear hijabs, niqabs and other veils. Perhaps for religious reasons, I wanted to incorporate it as fashion..

Wrapping a scarf around your head gives you a sense of freedom. It's smooth, breathable and comfortable. The pain that seems to be tightened is also reduced. I thought this was good. immediatelyI asked cancer patients I'm connected to on Twitter, "Have you ever tried wrapping a scarf around your head?" Everyone wants to wrap a scarf around their head, but they don't know how to do it.

Perhaps this scarf, a tool that has been around for a long time,It may help fellow patients. That was the moment I thought ​. ​

edit your art

I'm a designer, so I can edit designs that other people have drawn. Many breast cancer patients are mothers with children. I am one of them. How about putting a child's drawing on a scarf and wearing it? I came to think.

I don't want to thinkMaybe it could happen that I leave this world behind my children. That's why, as much as possible, I want to leave proof that I'm a parent and child. To be able to feel me even after I'm gone.

Scarves don't deteriorate that much. Isn't grandma's scarf sleeping in the closet at home? Made from silk, it will last a long time. that's why,Putting your thoughts into the design and wearing them will give you a sense of the future. And I'm wearing it, but wouldn't it be a courageous item?


I want you to inherit it as an item that you can feel the love that your mother made. Scarves can be worn not only on the head, but also on the neck, wrists and bags.

Furthermore, if the scarves everyone made sells, it might help a little when you can't work due to side effects. That's what I'm thinking.


I want you to face treatment in your own style.

I want to enjoy fashion and enrich my life even if I get sick or my appearance is different from before.With that in mind, we started moving towards commercialization.


The material is silk. When the hair begins to fall out, the scalp becomes soft and weak, causing pain. That's why I don't want to stress my skin as much as possible. This is an opinion from experience.


And the first is my work,I decided to arrange a familiar pattern for a long time. That's how the scarf brand "Al-Azeema" was born - Al-Azeema, which means determination.

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